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    We have a 30-days return policy, and in order to be eligible, the article purchased must be in the conditions it was received.

    To process a refund – considering it is applicable – send an email to detailing full name, order number, description of the item, along with a motive for the return.

     Upon reception and inspection of the order, you will receive a notification email in which you will be informed of the receipt of your returned purchase.

     We do not grant refunds for shipping or processing times that are longer than what was originally expected. Our products are all processed for delivery. However, if circumstances that are out of our possible control cause the order to not be completed, we will ship a replacement to the shipping address that was provided in the original order.

    We will do our best to process changes to your order if you email us immediately to notify us of the updates that need to be made. However, keep in mind that if the order was processed or shipped by the time of the communication, we cannot change it and refunds will not be granted.

    The only condition under which we replace or refund articles is if they arrive defective or damaged. Delayed or inexistent refunds (if applicable)

    Please check your bank account if you think you are missing a refund.

    If it is still not visible, contact your credit card company to confirm the time it takes for the refund to be available for you.

    Afterwards, you can contact your bank to confirm the processing times for this refund to be posted.

    After following all these steps, if you still haven’t received a refund, you can contact us for more information at